Why do people die?

On January 7, 2013, I wrote on Facebook:

Why do people die? Obviously you can explain it medically. His heart gave out. Her lungs collapsed. But why do people die? Why now? Why her? Why him? Why?

When I wrote that status our long-time driver Ka Saro died, but I was also thinking about my lola who died the year before. Long before that my nineteen-year-old cousin died in a car crash, and I was one month away from my tenth birthday. Now, I found out that my other cousin who is around 20 years old died.

I reposted that status again because it encapsulates what I feel. When I experienced the death of a loved one when I was around ten, I didn’t really understand death, and I thought it was because of my youth. But now as a young adult, I still don’t understand death. Not in the way that I did as a child, but I continue to find it unfathomable. It’s an explosion, a disruption, a haze of complete irrationality.

I don’t think I will ever understand death.

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