DIY Cellphone Case with a Stand

My cellphone didn’t have a case, and I wanted it to have a stand. My first instinct was to buy one, but then I realized that I have so many upcoming expenses this month. There’s always a solution though and that’s creativity! I googled “DIY cellphone case”, and I found two links (this and this).

I’m kind of proud of this project because I put together two different sets of instructions so that my final product could fit my needs. To avoid buying the materials stipulated in the instructions, I looked around the house and used the available stuff that I already had.

The result is this:

Materials needed:

-the cover of an old notebook that is just a little bigger than your phone, pick one that has a built in garter that can be used to close the cellphone case

-colored pages (either colored paper or clippings from a magazine or newspaper)



-paper clamp



1. Take the old notebook and tear out the cover. (This is a reinvention of the first set of instructions that I googled because it talked about making a case from an old book. I didn’t have a book that I was willing to tear up, that was also exactly the same size as my phone, but I realized that I had an old notebook. It was fortunate that it already had a built-in garter.) 2. Make the inside of the cover more interesting by pasting the colored paper on it. (Since I didn’t want to buy colored paper, I used clippings from a free travel guide.) 3. Cut up two pieces of cardboard (black part in the picture right above) so that it is a little smaller than the notebook. (I actually used a folder that was given in a press conference, so that I wouldn’t buy a piece of cardboard anymore. If you have any material lying around the house that is sturdier than paper, then you can use that as replacement for the cardboard). Set aside.

4. Measure the amount of garter that you need to secure the phone. Cut the garter into four parts. 5. Glue the cardboards together with the sides of the garter sandwiched between them. Place books over the cardboards and let them dry overnight.

6. Once the cardboards are glued together, test if the garters do not come off. If they do, glue them in again. If they are secured, then you can glue the cardboard piece on one side of the notebook cover.

7. Take the paper clamp and place it on the back of the notebook, so that it can act like a stand. When not in use, secure clamp on the side of the notebook, so that it doesn’t get separated with your phone. (For the stand, I used the second set of instructions. It actually called for two paper clamps, but we only had one.) You’re done! More Crafts and Other Artistic Adventures:

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