Using Index Cards to Figure Out My Dreams

Whenever I realize what I truly want, it dawns on me that I knew it all along. That’s the irony of dreams or of life. There are always signs, but we don’t pay attention to them. This got me thinking, what are the clues currently scattered around my life? What are the nuggets of curiosities, the trails of passion, the footprints of a dream that I have ignored instead of understood? Then, what can I do so that I can examine them all and finally decipher the tell-tale signs?

My solution is: index cards. I have read several books and articles on topics such as positive psychology,  innovative offices, good working environments, habits, leadership, communication, marketing, investment, budgeting, inspirational, happiness, feminism, crafts, art, etc. I’ve been taking notes whenever I read these things, but since the topics are so diverse, the notebook is completely disorganized.

So instead of putting my collected information into a notebook, I’ll use index cards. Index cards can be shuffled around, so if I see a different connection within sets of information, then I can just rearrange the cards. If I collect a new idea that can be integrated into a set that I already have, I can just insert it in.

Through this, I hope to understand my interests better. Wish me luck!

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