The Freedom of Not Trying to Prove Yourself

There’s a girl I know who is so good at what she does, yet she is still trying to prove herself. She is so insecure about herself that she was delighted to ruthlessly compete against me, even though I was vastly less experienced than she was, even though there was no question that at that point she knew more than I did, even though it was totally unnecessary but she just felt like she had to make sure that I knew that she was so much better than me.

The experience was really painful, so ever since then, I resolved to work hard on solving my insecurities so that they never move me to hurt others.

Now I’m all for self-improvement, but at some point you also have to trust yourself. Sometimes wanting to get better is just drama chasing you to breakdowns; sometimes self-improvement is self-hate in disguise. I’m not advocating for complacency, but what I wish for myself is peace of mind.

Learning and getting better will naturally happen when you follow your passion–which means you practice everyday and you commit to learning experiences. You don’t have to be driven by insecurity; you don’t have to one up someone else just to feel great. All you have to do is keep on taking the path that is for you, stick to it, pick up lessons along the way, and trust that you will inevitably get to your destination.

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