I Started Believing in My Truth

When you are young, you think that the truth is simple–the sky is blue, the sun rises in the east.

Later on, you find out that though there are empirical truths, there are also complicated truths and subjective truths–he flirts with you, and when you respond, he suddenly backs away, defensively saying, well you’ve been imagining things, my dear. In the past, I’d doubt myself, but nowadays I’m like, don’t play dumb, you led me on, you know what you did. I’m walking away now, but you know what you did.

A person will step on your toes and will even have the audacity to actually say to your face, “Haha I’m sorry I’m stepping on your toes.” But when you call her out for it, suddenly she’s singing a different tune. She blames you for not being good enough, she delegitimizes your feelings and dismisses your questions. Suddenly, you’re such a baby for airing out your complaints. You’re the evil one, and she’s the victim. Though I know that she will never admit to what she did wrong, she can’t play dumb, she knows what she did.

People will try to ram their truths down your throat, and if you’re not strong enough, you’ll doubt yourself. Though this has happened to me countless of times, slowly I’m gaining the courage to stand up for my truth. In the face of defiance, even from the powerful, I am learning how to retaliate and say, it doesn’t matter how you twist things, I know the truth.

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