Political Trick: Rebut by Inventing a Motivation

I don’t know why but whenever politicians are accused of corruption, they never say, here’s our office’s accounting records, here’s the evidence to prove that I am not stealing from the country’s coffers. Instead, they say that the accusations are politically motivated. I’m like, that’s not a rebuttal.

Whether or not the expose came from a person of pure heart or an enemy who wants to see the politician crash and burn, the truth will not change. If the politician stole from the country, then that politician stole from the country. If that politician was innocent, then the evidence will disprove the accusations. So why even drag motivation into the conversation?

Maybe because this is their only defense. A flimsy piece of chatter to make people believe that their hands are not covered in blood. So, next time you hear them saying such things, know that they aren’t answering your questions. Don’t fall for their excuses; don’t fall for their evasive response.

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