Making My Own Praise File

We are so used to beating ourselves up when what we really need is a little bit of kindness. I’m still learning to stop being overly critical about myself, and one way to do it is to keep a praise file. I got this idea from Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. In that book, the author said that he keeps a praise file, where he puts all of the good things people have said about his work. I never got around to doing this, so I decided to start right now by collating a few of the awesome comments people have left on this blog.

1. For To Shift or Not to Shift

2. For I Stopped Blaming Myself for Other People’s Choices

3. For My Greatest Achievement is Breaking out From My Shyness

I’m really want to thank all of those people who went out of their way and wrote those comments. You guys really made me happy! It’s always nice to get feedback from my readers, so if you guys have any thoughts about my blog, please feel free to post your comments.

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