DIY Storage for Clutter Under the Bed

So I was having trouble with the mess underneath my bed. I have a really small room, so I have several shoe boxes and paper bags under there, and they are filled with my bus ticket collection, electronic accessories, toiletries for travel, and I also stash my mini trash can there. I noticed that I was wasting time looking for the right paper bag or shoe box whenever I needed something. Then, when I was shopping I saw this shoe organizer that you can put under your bed.

I thought this was a perfect solution to my problem. I can pull out this thing, and all my stuff will be there, but since the organizer has compartments, I can segregate the objects into categories. So of course my first instinct was to buy it, but ever since I began developing my DIY brain, a second and more powerful thought came to my mind–I can make it myself. So this is what I made:

Here’s how I created it:


-Shoe boxes with their covers, the number depends on your needs. I used six.

-Scratch papers, the number depends on the shoe boxes that you used.



1. Get your shoe boxes. Take all the stuff from underneath your bed and separate them into categories. For example, electronic accessories is one category which puts together your chargers, earphones, usb cables, etc. If your stuff are in paper bags or other kinds of storage, discard all of those containers in favor of shoe boxes.

Place the objects of one category into one shoe box, and the ones from another category into a second shoe box, and so on. The number of categories will determine the number of shoe boxes that you will use. Also pick a number that will allow you to align all the shoeboxes into a square or rectangular arrangement. Also pick shoeboxes that are of the same size so that they can fit together snugly.

2. Use papers to glue the top of the shoe box covers together, forming a square or rectangular formation. At first, I thought I’d use one of those large cartolina papers and glue all the shoe boxes to it. Then, I realized that I didn’t have a cartolina at home, and I didn’t want to buy one. So I thought, I can achieve what I want with other-sized papers. I just grabbed whatever paper I had, and I began glueing until every shoe box cover was connected.

The reason why I used shoe box covers instead of shoe boxes is that I realized that it would be inconvenient to take out all the contents of the shoe boxes just so I could flip them over and glue paper to them. I figured that I could glue the top of the shoe box covers, flip them, and place them underneath the shoe boxes. The glued papers look messy, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll flip them over anyway, so you won’t see them most of the time.

3. Place your shoe boxes on the shoe covers. 

And you’re done!

Here’s a video on how your new organizer will work:

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