A Company with Creative and Lazy Mondays

I want to build a news organization where Monday means bumming around and pursuing creative endeavors. Even though the employees are not required to go to the office on Mondays or any other day for that matter (work at home, baby!), they’ll be excited to show up on Mondays because of all the fun and free activities, and there’s also food that’s free, yummy, and healthy!

So from 9a.m. to 4p.m., there will be yoga classes, arts and crafts workshops, writing lectures, how to budget your money and save lectures, other helpful lectures, or people can just lounge around the office to chat or cry if they’re going through some heartbreak. This seems like a big cost to the company, but actually, it will greatly benefit us, especially our bottom line.

It won’t cost us a lot because the company can run a small advertisement on the classes in exchange of their free session. If a team member has a hobby, then that person can also teach it for free to the rest of the company. This will also boost the team member’s confidence because people will look up to him or her and his or her hidden talent will be recognized and appreciated. When 4p.m. arrives, everyone gathers around for a meeting where we will plan for the set of activities next Monday.

So what are the benefits of this scheme?

Firstly, because we have a good working environment, our employees would want to stay with us. So we will save on the costs of training a new employee. Giving employees time to recharge will boost their creativity, and having imaginative employees will help the company. The writing lessons will also directly improve their craft.

Mondays will be an opportunity to get to know each other. Once people feel safe with you, they will open up. They might talk about an interest they have that they never thought could benefit the company, but now that you know it, you can activate that person’s interest and empower that person with opportunities to grow.

The fun Mondays function as times to brainstorm in a relaxed manner. People will inevitably chat and make chismis, and then they can be like, hey we should write about that for the newspaper!

So watcha think? Seems like a fun company. Now, how do I make it real?

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