Why I Don’t Write an Hour After Eating

After I read 7 F***in’ Great Ways to Build Your Writing Routine by Phil Jourdan, I discovered that my writing brain does not work an hour after eating. In the past, I’d try to work right after eating, and I’d find myself struggling. When the body is digesting food, it is preoccupied with that task, so the brain can’t really concentrate on writing.

Writing right after eating is also doubly unproductive. When I try to write while my stomach is still working, I don’t really accomplish anything. Then, by the time my stomach is done, my brain is already tired because I was forcing it to work. So instead of resting for one hour after eating, I waste two or more hours because I went nowhere when I was working on a full stomach and my brain continued to be useless after that.

From then on, I rest one hour after eating. I schedule this in so that I know that I’ve allotted enough time to finish my tasks. If I am really busy, I do light tasks during this hour, but I never try to write. I have learned how to listen to my body. I have learned how to work in synergy with my needs.

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