DIY Adult Coloring Book

One of my friends said that she wanted to have an adult coloring book because she read that it can relieve stress. Since I didn’t have money to buy her one, I decided to make her one. I’ve never made a coloring book before, so at first I was planning to look for pages online, print them, and bind them together.

When I started searching online though, I discovered that the free ones weren’t so pretty. I also stumbled upon Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford, but the images available online were either tiny or could not be printed.

So I decided to copy the images in Secret Garden and images from other sources. Now don’t panic, I’m not selling this coloring book, so I’m not infringing on copyright laws. In the latter pages, I started to make my own designs by mixing and matching the shapes that I learned from Secret Garden. 

My friend said she really liked it, and another friend requested that I make him a coloring book inspired by fashion designer sketches. So stay tuned for that second coloring book. Meanwhile, here are the instructions for the first one I made:


1. A blank sketchbook

2. Colored paper enough to decorate the sketchbook cover

3. Black sign pen

4. Gold gel pen

5. Letter stencil ruler


1. Using the black sign pen, draw designs on each page. The designs have to be intricate with spaces in between them.

2. Design the cover using the colored paper.

3. Using the letter stencil ruler and gold gel pen, give your coloring book a title. You can include your friend’s name to personalize it.

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