Craft Cuties I Want from Katipunan’s The Common Room

As you know, I love making crafts. Recently, I chanced upon this new store at Katipunan called The Common Room (#325 Dela Rosa St. corner Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City), and it’s filled with handmade stuff and a few craft supplies.

A lot of their retailers are the ones who sell at 10A Alabama, an antique furniture shop which does crafts bazaars, craft workshops, and art exhibits. The Common Room also conducts craft workshops. Sooooo cool!

Anyway, I found lots of stuff I want to buy. Sadly, right now my budget is tight, so I’m writing this wish list in case anybody wants to be nice to me. Hahahaha. Or I’ll buy them myself, soooooooon–I hope!

Cute painted wallet

Pad paper with inspirational message

Fragrances named using cool Filipino words like “Kilig”, “Umaga”, “Alaala”

Hairband with plastic toy animals

Funny and inspirational quotes/sayings

Paper mache horses

More Crafts and Other Artistic Adventures:

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