More Katipunan Finds: Crafts Supplies Store Hey Kessy (Stuff I bought and Crafts I made)

If you’ve read Craft Cuties I Want from Katipunan’s The Common Room, you’ll know that I found this interesting crafts store near Katipunan Avenue called The Common Room. My trip to Katipunan though wasn’t because I wanted to go to The Common Room, but it was because I wanted to go to Hey Kessy ( 71-B Esteban Abada St, Quezon City, Metro Manila), a crafts supplies store which also holds craft workshops.

They have Prang watercolor set, mod podge, foam brush, chalk stickers, and more!

I discovered Hey Kessy because I couldn’t find any Mod Podge at National and other mainstream bookstores. So I googled “Mod Podge Manila” and the website of Hey Kessy came up. I found out that it was located very near Katipunan, so I decided to go.

Washi tape galore! Ahhhh!

From Katipunan Avenue, I turned into Dela Rosa Street (which was where The Common Room was and also Salt Bakery but I’ll talk about Salt Bakery in another post), then I turned left at Esteban Abada, walked a bit until I arrived at Hey Kessy. I was there at 2p.m. and it was closed. The guard said that they were on lunch break. When I came back at 4p.m., it was open. I don’t know how long their lunch break is, but I guess it’s not advisable to go there near lunchtime.

So here are some photos of the stuff I bought and crafts I made from the supplies:

Mod Podge


Notebook I designed using the stamp I bought

Bought a Pinoy washi tape 

Notebook I designed using the washi tape I bought

Yey to more craft adventures!

More Crafts and Other Artistic Adventures:

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