What if: a restaurant grew an indoor forest

These days I lament the lack of parks in our city. I understand that the biggest challenge against the preservation of parks is business interests but what if the two collided? Imagine a restaurant wherein when you enter the door, you feel like you have been transported into a forest.

The restaurant did not build a concrete floor but instead kept the earth where it was built on. They also kept the grass that was growing on that earth, and to eat you had to sit on the grass, or on picnic mats, or cushions.

The roof can be opened, so that the sunlight can stream in. If the rain comes, one can close the roof, but you can still see the sky as the roof is made of glass.

The restaurant also did not cut off the trees on the property where it was built on, so the trees are growing out of concrete like Alices now too big for Wonderland. When you go to your table, you have to make our way amongst these trees. To make sure you don’t get lost, servers in colorful bohemian outfits point you to the right direction. You sit on the earth and you dine, fully connected with nature.

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