Wishing for Contraceptive Pills for Doggies

My dog, Pretty, is going to get ligated soon. The clinic is a bit busy, so they said we have to call again by the end of the month to schedule her surgery. We are endangering her health if she keeps getting pregnant, so I am glad that we are finally doing this. The thing is though, I wish she didn’t have to go through surgery. I wish there was another way to stop dogs from getting pregnant. I wish there were contraceptive pills for doggies.

I guess my paranoia on surgeries comes from two things: my mother had a surgery when I was a kid and I was scared that she would die and I had a surgery when I was in college and I bawled right before I was taken into the operating room. My mom and I had successful surgeries, but I still remember those times as unpleasant memories. I know Pretty will be fine after her surgery, but I just wish she didn’t have to go through that.

For humans, if we don’t want to get ligated, there are a number of options we can use to not get pregnant, and one of those is contraceptive pills. I wish there were pills for doggies, so I can just give her a pill whenever I feed her. I wish she didn’t have to get opened up.

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