My first bus ticket art exhibit!

(My bus ticket artworks at iChill Theater Cafe)

If you’ve read my previous blog posts (My First Bus Tickets ArtworkHow to Design Your Tablet Case with Bus TicketsHow To Use Bus Tickets to Design Your NotebooksNew Bus Ticket Tablet CoverBus Ticket Tote Bag), you’ll know that I am obsessed with bus tickets. I also explain in those posts how the whole bus ticket thing got started and why I love them.

My first bus ticket artwork has been gathering dust for two years or so (exact date of when I created it is unknown because when I reposted the blog post about it, the date changed, but there are comments on the post that date back to 2013). Then, on Nov. 21, my friends and I opened our first group exhibit, and because of it, I finally got the chance to show my bus tickets to the world! So awesome!

So here we our with our press release (omg!) and some photos of the exhibit taken by Lester Babiera! It feels sooooo cool!

(Paintings and mixed media pieces by Romsanne Ortiguero)

Encounters: an exhibit of ordinary things

by Romsanne Ortiguero and Jasmine Cruz

We walk past things and ignore our surroundings, thinking that they are but mundane objects, assuming that there is no beauty in the ordinary. Encounters–an art exhibit by Romsanne Ortiguero, Mark Evan Lopez, Lester Babiera, and Jasmine Cruz–challenges this perception and invites everybody to look, to pay attention.

It may be bus tickets that we put in our pockets or throw away during daily commutes, fabric trimmings we think we have no use for, or simply photographs of ordinary people or structures we see every day.

(Street photography by Lester Babiera)

These mundane subjects have stories—those bus tickets actually document the colors of Manila, those fabric trimmings turn out to have interesting patterns, we can even discover the rich cultural background behind those silent buildings, and when those vendors and construction workers are photographed while wearing lion masks then we suddenly feel their presence and power.

(Installation shot of photos by Mark Evan Lopez, taken from the Facebook profile of Jesz Granada)

Currently exhibited at iChill Theater Cafe (1125 Dos Castillas St. in Sampaloc, near UST Hospital, in between Dapitan St. and Piy Maragal St.), Encounters will run until Dec. 21. For more information, e-mail, or check out the hashtag #EncountersPH.

(Doodle paintings by Jasmine Cruz, inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama)

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