Napoleon Hill: Burn All the Bridges Away From Your Dreams

If you’ve read, The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, there’s a part there that says, “Burn all the bridges away from your dreams.” Mr. Hill was against having a plan B. He explained that if you have a safety net, it’s easier for you to fall back on that rather than to push on and go for what you really want.

When I read that, it made sense. But now I have a question: when do you know if it’s time to take that leap of faith? Sometimes life paths are not clear, but then a bit of clarity comes in. You can see the road ahead, but you’re still unsure if it’s worth leaving what you’re comfortable with, and because you’re still a little happy with what you have. This is where the confusion begins.

Then my mother tells me about the story of a woman during the depression era or some time period where there was a lack of jobs. She went to an agency to help her get a job, and there was one index card left, which had the details of the only job available that time. She took it. It wasn’t an exciting job. It was like a secretary job or something, but she decided to make it the best job ever. She changed her attitude and worked hard to make that sad job enjoyable.

So how does one proceed? Burn all the bridges away from your dreams, or work hard to make the sad job enjoyable?

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