Wala Bang Love Song about a Woman’s Great Personality?

Love songs often praise a woman for her physical attributes. They’re often talking about her long hair or her beautiful eyes. There are some songs mentioning the physical attributes of men, but there are more songs of that nature that are describing women more than men.

Actually, most of the songs written about men are chastising them for cheating or some other thing that the asshole did. Don’t you find that odd? But okay, that’s for another blog post.

All of these songs are legitimate expressions of what the songwriters felt, but, really, someone should change it up a bit.

Imagine a song about a woman (or, okay, a man too) who has a great personality. All of her idiosyncrasies are described, and we’ll truly get a deeper understanding of what made the songwriter fall in love with her. I think that will be a unique song.

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