Goal in Life: To Never Work in an Office

In the past, I worried that I never had a dream company that I wanted to work for. I admired several companies, but I didn’t have that one burning desire to get in a specific company. I also didn’t like the idea of being in an office and climbing up the corporate ladder. But I thought that I’d figure it out eventually, that I’d find that one dream company to work for, that I’d finally find a place where I’d fit in. Now, I realize, that more than anything in the world, I want freedom.

Why do I have to be a regular employee? Why do I have to work for someone else’s vision? Why can’t I control the direction of my life and accept only the projects that make sense to me? So I took a leap of faith. I left my stable job as an art reporter and decided to start building my freelance writing career.

From now on I will only either work for money or work for a purpose. What does that mean? I will work for money of course, that’s the reality of things. But if I already earned enough for the month, then I will no longer accept gigs for money. I will then focus on gigs that are for a purpose–things that match my interests, lets me meet interesting people, and helps me grow as a person and as a writer.

Over the course of time, I hope the latter kinds of gigs will generate enough money so that I can hit two birds with one stone. But that’s the plan, that’s what I’ll aim for, that’s my fuckin’ big dream.

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2 thoughts on “Goal in Life: To Never Work in an Office

  1. Good for you, actually. Most people get trapped in a mind-numbing office for more than 40 years and only get out once the first digit of their age reaches 6 – with only a Rolex watch given by management as a “loyalty award”.


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