Freelancer conundrum: How does one not get scared about the money?

When I chose to abandon my full-time job to become a freelance art writer, I knew that I’d be happier and it turns out I was right. The downside to this new life is I no longer have a salary that comes in regularly. I get income on a per article basis and that depends on if my ideas get approved or I get assignments, or I get other kinds of projects.

So far I’ve done around five months of freelance writing and the money is tight but I’m surviving. At this point, I shouldn’t worry anymore because I have several sources of income and the assignments continue to flow in. There are days though that I still get paranoid, so I asked a friend, how does one deal with these anxieties?

This friend has been a freelance photographer and writer for several years, and he said that during the lull times, or the times when he doesn’t have projects, he just works on personal projects and some of them turn to become lucrative as well. I bet there’s also a different kind of satisfaction when you are working on something just because you want to and not because you’ll get anything in return.

The idea of lull periods still scare me, but hearing his experience made me think that maybe they won’t be so bad. My life has always had a sense of frenzy, and I guess I have to learn to slow down and not be scared all the time.

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