Why every writer should have Evernote

I love Evernote, an app that syncs what you write on all of your computers and even your phone. If you’re a writer like me, you’ll really appreciate this. I still use Dropbox, but there are things that Evernote can do that Dropbox can’t.

In the past, I would upload the draft of my article on my computer’s Dropbox and then sync it. Then I’d leave the house for my events. If I have a large chunk of time in between my events, I open the Dropbox on my phone and sync it. Then, I’d have to download the file on my Dropbox, use my phone to continue working on the draft, send the article via e-mail, then when I get home I’d have to download that file from my email, and upload it on my Dropbox.

For Evernote, once you sync the article on your computer and phone. You can open it on your phone, directly edit it on the app, sync it, and when you get home, you can sync your computer’s Evernote app, and the things you added will automatically be there. It’s simpler and hassle free. That’s why I love Evernote!

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