If you had a year where you could do whatever the fuck you wanted

What if you had enough money to last you for a year? This will mean that you’ll have all the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want for that entire year. I’m currently in that year because I decided to quit my full time job as a writer to become a freelance art writer. Yet, I feel scared about finishing all my savings. I wish I could regain my savings, and then save up on top of that for a fund that can last an entire year. Then, after five years of working, I’ll fuck off for an entire year. What would I do then?

On the door of my closet I placed a sign that says “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Most probably I found that line on the internet, but I can’t remember exactly from where. Every time I think about that, I don’t know the answer. Is that good? Does that mean I’m doing the brave thing already by plunging into the dangerous waters of freelancing? Or does that mean that I don’t know what I want? Serious reflection totally needed.

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