It doesn’t need to be perfect; you just have to do it

Whenever I need to do something that scares me, I tell myself, “It doesn’t need to be perfect; you just have to do it”. It works every time. I guess we underestimate the power of having done something. We assume that the only things worth doing are the perfect things, but nothing starts out perfect or ever even reaches that unrealistic standard. Yet, I often forget that, and so I have to remind myself.

When I begin something, I am essentially testing the idea using the experiment of reality. In return, reality gifts me with data that can help me take the next step. I’ll take the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and before I know it, I already created something. But I really have to fight the lethargy, the fears, and all the other reasons that block out that shiny and bright beginning.

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2 thoughts on “It doesn’t need to be perfect; you just have to do it

  1. that’s a nice motto to adopt. i like the sound of it.

    the whole idea pretty much applies to me too. i’m one of those who expect too much from themselves that the fear of failing takes over before the actual courage to do things kicks in. which is sad because, really, perfection is a myth. people are drawn to those who show their vulnerability but forges ahead in spite and despite of.

    this isn’t really as deep as it sounds. most of the time, it applies to my writing or blogging. stuff like that. because striving for perfection in my writing takes the fun out of it so i always remind myself, “fck it, no one’s gonna read your blog anyways.” works like a charm every time! lol.


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