My mom never gave me advice, and I am all the better for it

Note: This is a Facebook status I made during mother’s day

My mom never gave me advice, and I am all the better for it. When I was young, I remember looking at my closet and asking my mom to help me pick what dress I should wear. She refused and said that I should be the one to choose. I resented her for it because she was making my life harder. Then, I found out about my classmates who were forced into itchy dresses.

As I grew up, my mother allowed me to pick my own friends, pick my own course (and I just had to pick a walang-pera-diyan writing career), date the people I liked, pick the job that I wanted, and resign from the jobs that I didn’t want anymore.

Whenever I would ask for her advice, she will, without fail, tell me, “I wouldn’t know. It’s your life.” Every time that happens, I’ll feel frustrated, and I’ll try to squeeze out something from her. What I have failed to appreciate is the fact that she trusts me. She trusts me because she has trained me to think for myself and make decisions that I will be proud of. I am glad that I have a mom like her.

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