Richard Branson’s Secret to Success: Listening

In the book, The Virgin Way: Everything I Know about Leadership, it’s author Richard Branson, a serial entrepreneur who is the founder of the Virgin Group of companies, emphasized the importance of listening. He said that the reason why he’s successful is he listens to his employees and other people. It doesn’t mean he’ll follow everything they say, but he is open to hearing them and he values what they’ll say. Many innovations in their company were brought about by the suggestions of their ordinary employees as they are the ones who are there on the ground and who see the needs of their customers.

This was such a simple advice, and it made an impression on me, but believe it or not, it’s very difficult to listen. Listening is part of my job as an art reporter, and it’s easy to listen when you’re doing an interview with someone. However, in ordinary situations, it’s much harder to do it. My mind can either drift off or I’ll be itching to talk. But I am making some progress because now I’m more aware of it. Hopefully, through time, I will become a better listener.

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