Tita Rich: The Musical–May May Tse-Tung

May May Tse-Tung

by Age of the Diary

May May Tse-Tung,

Pinoy may datung,

Livin’ in America,

Mukhang Chinese,

Pero Nakakainis,

Dahil di marunong,

Maging mabait,

Maging parang sweet,

Pero marunong,


I’m neglected,

May May Tse-Tung,

Nobody loves me,

May May Tse-Tung,

My children don’t visit me,

May May Tse-Tung,

They don’t give me free stuff,

They should give me free stuff,

Actually they give her free stuff,

It’s just never enough,

My children are so independent,

They don’t ask me for a single penny,

But she wants their money,

I want their money,

They should give it to me,

I’m their mother.

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