What I do when I have a new wild wish

Whenever I have a new wild wish, I post it on Facebook or on my blog and then kaboom! Something magical happens. I’m serious! I don’t know how I’ll make that wish come true or if I’ll even follow through with it. All I know is when I release it into the universe, things are set into motion.

Sometimes, someone will contact me and tell me, hey there’s this awesome opportunity. Sometimes, people post encouraging comments on my status or post, and I feel braver to take a leap of faith. Sometimes, I feel that since I announced it, then I might as well do it, or I’ll feel like I have to do it, lest I disappoint people.

So my new crazy urge is to do stand up comedy. I love watching stand up comedy on YouTube, I have speaking skills, I have bare minimum acting skills, I’m funny, and I have written humorous essays. So when am I going to do this? I don’t know, but here’s me just throwing it out into the universe.

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