For characters, check your Facebook friends list

These days I’m writing fiction again, and whenever I am thinking of a new character, I go through my Facebook friend list. Facebook is a great repository of people I’ve known in my life, and they can be ingredients that I can mix together to concoct a new character.

Facebook is a great place to look for names. I used to look for character names in websites for baby names, but many times I found the suggestions to be too Western. I want my characters to have names that actual Filipinos have so the character is more believable.

I also use Facebook to look for for physical attributes. I might mix friend A’s eyebrows with friend B’s lips and viola! I have a new character. I can also do the same thing for personality traits.

So far, I haven’t gotten into trouble with my friends. No one is complaining yet that I’ve named a villain after her, even if I actually like her in real life, but I just thought that her name was perfect for the character. So far so good. Hehehe.

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