The itch to inspire

I’m a self-help junkie, and I like inspiring people. That’s why in this blog I have a category called Happiness and InspirationThe next journey that I am thinking about is building a career as an inspirational speaker. I don’t know how I’m going to do that, but whatever, my blog is my genie

So why do I write inspirational posts? It’s not like I’m happy every second of the day. I am not a happiness robot. It’s actually the challenges in life that makes me write inspirational posts. In this way, writing becomes therapy.

Whenever I overcome some struggle or I realize something, I write about it. I also talk a lot about my debilitating shyness, and how I recovered from it. When I write, I make a constant effort to celebrate and document my emotional successes. On rainy days, I go back to them, and under their shelter, I warm up.

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Note: For some entries in this blog, a few names and details have been deliberately and willingly changed by the author. This is a personal decision made by the author for specific reasons known to her and is not an endorsement for censorship.

All the opinions expressed in this page and in this blog are my own and do not represent the official stances of the companies, institutions, and organizations that I am affiliated with. I am a person. I’m not just a manifestation of corporate interests. I have an identity that is separate from my company because even if human beings are paid for a service by corporations, human beings are not owned by corporations. 


2 thoughts on “The itch to inspire

  1. you reckon majority of writers are shy?

    as somebody who expresses herself better in writing, i’m kind of really shy too. minus the “kind of.” i dread small talks. stutter my way through them. and gawd, how i edit and re-edit conversations in my head! lol.

    good luck on your journey on becoming an inspirational speaker. i bet you’re gonna be really good at it, considering how you try to stay in touch with the innermost aspects of yourself. that takes a lot of courage.

    looking forward to read about how you overcame your shyness. i could maybe use a bit of advice with regards to that. hehe.


    1. Thank you, Jewey! I wouldn’t know if most writers are shy, but I guess some surely are. Thank you for saying that I’ll be a good inspirational speaker. You’re so sweet! For my posts on shyness, just check out my posts in the Happiness and Inspiration and Weird Kid Stories categories. I hope you’ll like them too 🙂

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