Books that had a lasting impact on my life (Book 1: 7 Habits)

Several books have changed the way I think and live. This is a first of a series of posts where I will talk about these books and what I have learned from them.

Time management trick: what’s urgent vs. what’s important

As I discussed in The Time Management Matrix that Saved Me from 16-Hour Work Days, I was unnecessarily overworking before I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. CoveyThe pile of work even prevented me from reading books, a really important activity for a writer, and ironically, it prevented me from devoting time to writing itself. As Stephen King said, one time he realized that he was becoming a professional e-mailer than a writer. Such is life when you get sucked up into busyness. So what was keeping me busy? I was caught up things like answering e-mail, transferring press kit cd contents to my computer, filing away the press kit papers, etc., which I all felt were “urgent” things.

However, after reading that book, I realized that I should prioritize what’s important even though it’s not urgent, and then minimize the time devoted to the urgent but not important stuff. If I have to do the latter, then I should batch them, which means to devote a specific chunk of time to do them all in one go as oppose to letting them interrupt and break my concentration while I am doing the important tasks.

I’m glad to announce that this year I was able to read 24 books from January to August. I was supposed to copy Mark Zuckerberg’s 24 books a year, but I exceeded it. Some books though turned out to be boring so I skipped a lot of pages and maybe that’s the reason why my reading sped up. Still, I’m reading lots of books now and this will inevitably improve my writing.

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