Books that had a lasting impact on my life (Book 4: Be True to Yourself)

Though I’m not a teen anymore, I love Be True to Yourself: A Daily Guide for Teenage Girls by Amanda Ford. The book is just a little bigger than the usual pocket-sized book but it is twice their thickness. The entire book is divided into months, and under each month, there’s a page for each day. In each page, there’s a headline that’s inked in black or pink. Emblazoned are words like Life is a Journey, Keep Your Teddy Bears, Kiss Me, No More “I’m Not Mad At You”. Then there are two to three paragraphs explaining the topic.

There’s a lot of generic advice in the book, but it’s well written, I love the perky and relatable voice of the author, and there are a few personal stories that the author shares. I even enjoy rereading the generic advice because they’re the kind that you have to read over and over again to remind yourself of certain truths. After reading them, I feel comforted.

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