Books that had a lasting impact on my life (Book 7: Natalie Goldberg)

Nowadays I get confused about Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones, so I’m lumping them together in this post. Both written by Natalie Goldberg, they taught me about first thoughts. According to Writing Down the Bones, whenever we write, “the aim is to burn through to first thoughts, to the place where energy is unobstructed by social politeness or the internal censor, to the place where you are writing what your mind actually sees and feels not what it thinks it should see or feel.” After I read that, I was able to write more freely.

 I forgot which one compared writing to running. When you run, you can’t just get into a race and expect to win it. You have to practice everyday so that your muscles are prepared to run. So just like writing, if you do it everyday, it’s easier to write the next time around. Ok, wait, was that from Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? Ok, not sure now. Anyway, these writing books have really helped me as a writer.

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