Wishing for free counseling for internet trolls

I don’t know why I read internet comments. I should stop because they are disgusting. But while I was reading some comments yesterday, I had a thought. What if these hateful people actually need help? What if there was an NGO that gave them free counseling? Here’s my proposal:

First, let’s define the people who the NGO will target. I was reading the comments on the videos of Sophia Grace, the cute girl who was featured with her cousin Rosie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I was shocked to read comments like “you’re a bitch”, “suck a dick”, and “you dress like a slut”. I know people can be mean to celebrities, but Sophia is just a kid. Why would adults post such terrible words about her? What if she reads them? You’re an adult and you don’t even care that you might scar a little girl? I also completely don’t understand the “dress like a slut” comment when she was wearing shorts, a top, and a jacket. Did the poster take issue on her shorts? It was summer. There’s nothing wrong with wearing shorts.

I also remembered one time when Taylor Swift posted a photo of her and Blake Lively with a status wishing Blake a happy birthday. I noticed that someone pressed the angry button on Facebook as a reaction to that post. I’m like, what’s wrong with greeting someone happy birthday? How can that make you angry? So my theory is this person hates Taylor so much that this person just gets angry at everything Taylor does. Then I thought, wait a minute, why would this anti-Taylor even see that Facebook post? The hater would only see the Facebook post if the hater actually followed Taylor on Facebook. So why would you even follow someone you hate?

So yeah, these kinds of people are the ones that the NGO will target. They are people who don’t need to be angry but they find ways to agitate themselves. They are people who are incredibly insensitive that even a child is not safe from their hate.

Next, let’s explain how the NGO will reach out to these people. So the NGO will hire people who love surfing the net and who for some freakin’ reason read internet comments (ahem to myself). Everyday, they will do what they love. When they find these hateful people, they will message them, telling them that they won free dinner.

At the dinner, they are free to interact with their fellow trolls and the employees of the NGO. The NGO employees will try to find out what they are into. If they like sports, they are invited to sports events. If they like books, they are invited to a book club. Basically, the goal is to keep them coming back so that they will form a bond with the NGO. When the NGO gains their trust, the NGO can inform them of the free counseling sessions that they provide. Maybe some of them will be willing to go, and they can work through their anger issues there.

I know this idea seems wacky at first, but what if those people actually need help? What if they will commit suicide or go on a killing spree if no one paid attention to their pain? What if we actually save lives by reaching out to them? I wish I could build something like this, but you know me, I only like thinking up these ideas and writing about them on my blog. So here I am again, throwing this idea out into the universe and hoping that someone else might find it interesting.

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