Celebrating the first poem I have ever published

Although I studied Creative Writing in college, I never got to practice it after I graduated. I semi-purposefully stopped writing fiction because I began questioning why I was doing it (but now I’m Writing Fiction Again). I stopped writing poetry because I got so intimidated by how beautiful it was. Recently though, I started writing poetry again, and I’m doing it in the way that I can, even though it’s against what I studied in class. I wasn’t expecting anything when I sent my poem to Ani last October, so now it’s such a pleasant surprise that it got accepted.

My poem “My Hypocritical Animal Stances” is not image driven. In poetry class, I learned the importance of imagery, and this lesson did help me as I can be very descriptive in my articles on visual art, some personal essays, and a few short stories. Somehow, in poetry, I just can’t do it.

In the past, I felt guilty about that. It made me feel like I’m not a real poet because I’m not following the rules, and I even understand and agree with why those rules matter. But I just have to admit that I can’t write that way. So instead of beating myself up, I decided to just write and submit. The result is a humorous poem that kind of has something to say about hypocrisy and power. I hope to develop further as a poet, and I think that in order to do that, I have to accept what I currently am and what I currently know. I have to start from there and keep on writing.

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