A Ted Talk Says: Talk to Strangers

I watched this Ted Talk by Kio Stark entitled Why you should talk to strangers. Of course she’s not talking about how it’s ok for men to harass women. She’s proposing that we talk to each other for real and to form a connection with each other even in that fleeting moment. So why do I like this talk so much?

I also like this because I realized that this could have been my solution to the loneliness I felt when I was a freelance writer. Now I am a teacher and a freelance writer and the teaching allows me to go to an office and talk to my officemates. A few months ago though, I was purely a freelance writer, and I felt lonely. I was talking to my interviewees but the conversation was of course about them and I couldn’t really talk about me.

What if during those times, I talked to strangers? What if I had mini conversations with those people? How would it have changed my life? I think I’m going to try it still, and I’ll let you know how it went.

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