I didn’t want to be a leader, but I was. Now I want to be a leader, but I can’t

During my student days, whenever we had to work in groups, my classmates always made me the leader. I hated it because I didn’t want the responsibility that came with it. I also didn’t feel like I had leadership skills because I didn’t think I was good with people.

I never wanted to run for class officer but I still did get some official leadership roles in class, in clubs, and organizations. I was proud of one experience when I lead a class play during my second year in high school, and I got torn up about not getting a specific position in my debate org, but apart from those few times, mostly I didn’t want to become a leader nor did I enjoy it.

Things are changing these days though as now I want to be a leader but no one wants to follow me. I tried to organize a meet up with lifestyle writers, and no one went. The same thing happened when I tried to schedule a meeting for people who were concerned about street harassment. So my efforts are currently failing, but I’m so in the middle of Hermione Grangering this thing, meaning, yup, I’m obsessed with reading all the books about leadership. I should reread those books and start applying them in real life. Then maybe I can finally become a real leader.

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