Couldn’t think of a list of happy moments

My cousin gave me a journal called The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration, and, yup, it is filled with blank pages that have headings that ask you to make lists, The first was “List your goals and dreams for the year”, and I easily filled that one out. The next was “List your favorite characters from books, movies, etc”, and I answered that by writing the names of my favorite real people because I don’t have favorite characters. I read too much non-fiction, I know, I know. The third was “List the happiest moments of your life so far”, and I was shocked that I had a hard time writing things down.

If I were asked to list down the things that made me happy, I could have easily said “writing, blogging, singing, etc”, but this list asked for happy moments. It was asking for particular memories, and my mind went blank. Oh no, I’ll never be able to create a patronus!

I also did not consider the moments when I achieved something because I might be listing moments that will make me proud but not happy. Of course, if I feel that those moments truly made me happy and they are not just a source of kayabangan, then I can list them down, but so far, the ones I remembered did not make me happy.

Eventually, I remembered a few happy moments, and so I wrote down: going to the river with cousins, centennial parade with mama and Apple, and bonding moment with Leo.

I should do this more often. I should devote more time to celebrating happy moments and remembering them.

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