Today in personal hypocrisy: not paying for art that comforts me

A few months ago I was feeling bad and so I began to listen to Gwen Stefani’s album This is What the Truth Feels Like on Spotify, and of course I was listening for free. I realized how much it helped me get through the tough days. Initially, I didn’t have a problem with listening to Spotify. I like getting things for free, and of course I had an excuse. I was listening to this album for free (and doing other similar things like downloading torrents, etc) because I am poor and I have no money to buy the album. But now I am feeling guilty that I am not paying for art that comforts me.

Not paying for art can mean that I am not recognizing that it has value, that it actually contributed to my personal well-being. I pay for doctors when they help me with my physical illnesses, but when I need art to recuperate emotionally, I do not pay.

So what triggered this thought? Weirdly, it was a video of John Oliver when he was talking about journalism. Ok journalism isn’t art (or I guess it is in a way that it is a form of writing?). Anyway, there’s a line that he said that struck me: “If we are not willing to pay for our journalism, we are going to pay for it”.

If we are not willing to pay for art, and we continue to starve our artists, there will be a point when it will be too much for them and they will need to quit or lessen creating art, and then we will be the ones starving from quality art. We will eventually pay for our callous disregard. I realized this, so when am I going to stop being a hypocrite?

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