My Life Plans as of Right Now (2016)

Fuck, I don’t have any plans. Not really. Ok, I’m thinking 2017 will be a year of health? So I’ll exercise, grocery, and cook. I enrolled in yoga here in our village. I like it also because it allows me to be part of the community here.

Another is I plan to spend money to take classes that I always wanted. Take photography classes, acting classes (improv and musical theater), digital marketing, and life coaching. I feel like I’m in a rut, and I need to do something. I’ll also take my masters, and I’m strongly inclined to take Psychology. I always loved reading Psychology books so why not get a masters on it?

Past life plans review 

In 2015, my spend time with people resolution was really good for me, and I have to continue doing that. I wasn’t able to stick to my compliment people more often resolution. Regarding my learn a non-writing skill, maybe teaching is that skill or maybe the things I’ll learn in the classes. I also plan to volunteer for different stuff so I can learn new skills. I did not join the Palanca Awards nor did I submit a book proposal to the publishers I talked about.

The 2012 post is a good guideline because I described what I wanted. I wasn’t specific about it but the general ideas that I wrote down still apply today. I have to review that post every now and then.

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2 thoughts on “My Life Plans as of Right Now (2016)

  1. Wow, you used the F Word. You go! I was a Psychologist in America and also later a policeman for 5 years.

    You may already know this but you can write your own ebooks, buy a book cover online for $5 and put your book on Amazon for free. You collect the Sales money.

    ~ Gary ~


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