Random Thoughts on Freakonomics

Bought on impulse. Didn’t think I’d like it but I did. Cool because it’s not some technical economics thinger. Writing is engaging. Lots of stories. Wish I’ll meet an expert and we’ll collaborate as well. Interesting discussions in the book: legalized abortion led to lower crime rates, selling drugs pays low, what parents are affects the kids rather than what they do, the difference between correlation and causality and how that can affect policies (ineffective policy of giving books to kids just because there is data that presence of books at home is correlated to high grades, they are correlated but not the cause, books might be indicators of smart parents and an environment that values learning but not the cause of smarter kids). The economist in the book is not good at traditional economic stuff like stock market and business but that gave him the edge. Maybe someday I’ll find my unique thinger too.

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