The Power of a Cheery List

My cousin gave me a journal called The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal. In each page, there’s a header that says “list your goals and dreams for the year”, “list your favorite characters”, etc. There was this one list that was about writing down the things that cheer you up. When I saw that list, it gave me a great idea.

I noticed that every time I get sad, I just mope around. I’ll either sleep, stare into space, waste my time on Facebook, YouTube, or Netflix, and I’ll feel so much worse. When I encountered the cheer up list, I realized that I can use this to remind myself of what I can do during those shitty moments. Instead of doing things that will make me even more miserable, I can write, exercise, make crafts, clean my room, get out of the house, eat at a restaurant, or get a massage.

To make this reminder more effective, I copied this list my planner so that every time I open it, I’ll see the list. So next time I feel bad, the list can come to my rescue.

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