Top 3 Things I Want To Do in 2017

Last year, I had goals for the year but I wasn’t able to accomplish most of them. I realized that one of the reasons why they were ineffective was that I wrote down too many. I think I wrote 12 so that I had one goal per month. This year, I just settled on 3 goals, although there are mini goals under them. Oh well, let’s try if this will work out better.

  1. Get an extra non-writing income generating gig that gives me P6,000 per month

So starting August 2016, I began teaching, and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know what happened but I got sick and tired of writing. What? But aren’t you like writing this blog entry? Yup, I love writing here and writing like other stuff, but I am sick and tired of doing journalistic writing. I am taking a break for one year and then maybe I’ll come back to it or maybe I won’t. I’m only part time so I need to get another gig. I guess I can ask for more units because I purposefully took less classes than what was offered. I did that because I thought that I would still write on the side. Now things have changed but I still did not ask for more classes. Maybe I guess I want to explore more and try other things.

Among those things are: start selling online through my pop up shop Thinky and Perky, continue joining Cubao X bazaars, sell crafts, monetize this blog, research on bonds and invest, update LinkedIn, and get a part-time job that doesn’t conflict with my teaching schedule.

2. Fix legal stuff

Renew my passport, renew my license, etc.

3. Take care of mama

Research on health insurance for mama, etc.

More Goals and Dreams:

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