Customizing My Planner for 2017

For 2017, I decided to do something different with my planner. I added customized pages that will help me reach my goals this year.

But first, what inspired me to do this? As I said in Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016), I really got inspired by my mom’s practice of reading her planner at the end of the year. Through this, she’ll know what she did that year, and that will help her plan her next year. I couldn’t replicate her practice because I’ve been using my cellphone for my planner, and it automatically erases past events. Instead, I reread my diary. Doing that was interesting, but it was also tedious to read all of those pages. So, taking inspiration from my mom, I decided to use a physical planner as a pre-diary.

Why can’t I abandon my digital planner? Plans change often so it’s more convenient to input them on my cell and then delete them when the event is rescheduled, cancelled, or what have you. So I’ll keep my digital planner for recording events, but I’ll use the physical planner to note down (in bullet points) what happened to me that day. Then, I’ll flesh out those bullet points in my real diary. So basically that’s what I plan to do for the pages of the planner.

For the first few pages, I plan to customize them. These are the useless pages with the map, airport abbreviations, clothing sizes, etc. I pasted stationary papers on a few of these pages and turned them into: a list of my top 3 goals for 2017a list of things that cheer me up, a list for my 2017 accomplishments, and a list for my 100 submissions. Yey! Now I’m excited!

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