Wishing for an Outdoor Closet for Dropping Deliveries

I’m obsessed with Jack Ma, and I am thinking about buying more stuff online. Problem is, Lazada doesn’t allow you to schedule the products you buy online. What if there’s no one at home to receive them? This made me think of an outdoor closet for dropping deliveries, but of course it has to be high tech as well. So how does it work?

The closet is as big as a fridge, and it is situated outside your house. When you purchase something online, the delivery guy will get a code to open the closet, and he can leave the item there. There might be other items inside the closet but, since there’s a unique code for every delivery guy and a camera in the closet, one can know if a delivery guy steals something from you.

Each delivery guy has a different code that can open the closet so one can really track which delivery guy opened the closet during the time an item went missing. The closet also automatically records the history of the items that goes in and out of the closet so there’s a record of what time an item was placed in the closet and taken out of it. So if an item was taken out on Jan 18 at 5pm and the delivery guy that opened the closet on Jan 18 from 4:45pm to 5pm was the one who used code 1234, then one will know that the said delivery guy is the one who stole the item. Plus, if anything is taken out of the delivery closet, an alarm bell will go off and the police will be immediately notified.

The owner can open the closet using his or her unique code that is different from the ones given to the delivery guys, and it is not disclosed to delivery guys. When this code is used, the alarm will not go off when the owner takes out the items.

There can also be a special compartment to picking up stuff. This will be helpful if the owner is a seller. The owner can leave the items to be sold in the special compartment, and the delivery guy can open this and get them. The special code that the delivery guy uses will only correspond to the removal of particular items and the closet has an ability to know if other items are being taken. If the delivery guy gets the wrong item or gets more than what he should, the closet will again record it, is able to pin point which delivery guy took which item, an alarm will ring, and the police will be notified. Of course, if the delivery guy only made a mistake, then if he returns the item within five minutes, he will not be apprehended.

I’m not a scientist so I can’t build these things, but I’m a writer, so here I am writing about them.

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