How Do You Know’s Lisa Should Have Picked Him

Spoiler Alert!

How Do You Know is a film about a softball player Lisa who did not get in Team USA. This event leads her to rethink her life and rush into a relationship with a big shot pitcher named Matty. By the end of the movie, Lisa breaks up with Matty and goes for George, but I think she should have chosen Matty.

At the start of the movie, Matty is the typical asshole, but he had so many moments where he showed that he was sweet, that he really cared for Lisa, and he even changed a lot. George is good but he’s so bland, and I never felt he had a real connection with Lisa. Maybe it’s because of the acting prowess of Owen Wilson who played Matty that’s why he seemed more sympathetic, more real. Or maybe the character was written better. When Lisa finally said goodbye to Matty, I was heartbroken, and I wasn’t that happy when she ran to George.

George and Lisa’s “connection” stems from them having these moments of silence instead of talking about their shitty day. What? What kind of connection is that? That’s not a good foundation of a relationship.

Aside from that, there’s also the love versus career storyline. Lisa talks about how other female athletes who upon retirement fall in love and have a baby. She says she can’t imagine herself falling in love and she thinks that women who say that their child is their whole world are lying. Later on, she visits George’s friend who just had a baby and that friend is so happy. Erm, why can’t she find another team to play for? Or why can’t she build a career? Why is the choice just between athletic career and love? There’s still actual career.

Anyway, there are scenes though that are really fun to watch, but as a whole, the movie isn’t that great.

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