Riverdale Theory: Why the Coopers hate the Blossoms

Spoiler alert!

Riverdale is a show based on the Archie comics, but instead of it being funny and cute, it’s actually dark and scandalous. In the show, there are two families that hate each other: the Coopers and the Blossoms. In the episode The Outsiders (Season 1, Episode 8), Alice Cooper gets angry at her husband Hal for trying to make their teenage daughter Polly abort her baby. Alice says it’s just like what he did to her. Hal defends what he did by saying she wasn’t ready for the baby back then. Hal also expresses his hatred for Blossom blood. So what does this scene mean? Can it also give us an inkling about what started the Cooper-Blossom feud?

Ok let’s back up. We all know that Alice and Hal were high school sweethearts, but what if their love story was not as perfect as we thought it was? What if teenage Alice had an affair with Cliff Blossom (the father of Jason and Cheryl)? That affair led to Alice getting pregnant. Hal threatened to leave her if she kept the baby, so Alice felt like she has no choice but to get an abortion. Later on, Alice and Hal get married but until today Alice resents Hal for pressuring her to give up the baby.

So what can we take from this scene and this theory? That abortion is bad? That if you abort, you will always regret it? Not really. Alice resents her abortion because she was coerced to do it. Any woman forced to abort a baby will feel bad about what happened, but so will a woman who was forced to carry a child to term. What makes a woman feel bad isn’t keeping or not keeping the baby, but it’s the being forced. That’s why the legalization of abortion movement is called pro-choice. It’s not saying that all women who get pregnant unexpectedly should get an abortion, but it wants to allow women to make a choice. For some women, they want to keep the child, but others, they don’t want to, so let the choice be available for all women, and let women decide.

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