The Most Heartless Scene in Nise: The Heart of Madness

Spoiler alert!

The movie Nise: The Heart of Madness is based on the real story of Brazilian Psychiatrist Dr. Nise da Silveira. In the movie, she was the only female doctor in a mental hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Unlike her colleagues, she was opposed to electroshock therapy and lobotomy, and instead she introduced art therapy. This led to the patients creating incredible works of art which earned the respect of art critics. Her colleagues though were not as enthralled, and they did something incredibly heartless.

Dr. Nise brought dogs to the hospital grounds because she thought that they will be good for the patients. The male doctors though didn’t like it. One doctor talked to Dr. Nise and told her to get rid of the dogs because they pooped all over the garden. She disagreed because the patients have already formed a bond with the dogs so it was not right to take them away. When the patients returned to the garden though, they discovered that somebody killed all the dogs. The patients became utterly distraught at the sight of their dead pets. The patient Lucio went into a rage and almost killed a nurse.

Although it was not clear as to who killed the dogs, we can say that more likely it was those doctors. It’s ironic as these doctors were supposed to be the normal human beings. Actually, they were supposed to be even better than normal, they were supposed to be the highly intelligent human beings. Yet, they were more savage than the mental patients. Furthermore, these mental patients were already in so much mental anguish, why would they even inflict them with more pain?

This heartbreaking scene is just one of the many moving and eye-opening moments in the movie. I highly recommend that you see it.

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