Friends with Money: Did Marty Lie?

Spoiler alert!

So I watched Friends with Money on Netflix. It’s about three female friends who are rich and have husbands and another female friend who is single and works as a maid. The fourth friend’s name is Olivia, and at the end of the movie she dates Marty. She used to clean his house and thought he was an unemployed loser. When she calls to tell her she’s quitting, he asks her out. She says yes and brings him to a fancy fundraising dinner that she attends with her friends. Before the dinner, they talk in his apartment, and they hit it off. At the end of the date, he reveals to her that he is rich, so rich that he doesn’t have to work. She is delighted. She finally hit the jackpot. She has sex with him, but the morning after, something else hits her.

After having sex, Olivia asks Marty about the time when she applied to be his maid. When she gave him her rate, he bargained down her price. If he was really rich, then why did he have to do that? He says he has issues with people, and his answer is a mumbling nonsense. She accepts it, but maybe she’s deluding herself. Maybe she just really needs someone right now, and so she doesn’t care if she’s being given some bullshit.

This is the problem with Olivia. She never really dealt with her issues. She wants external factors to heal her. She uses expensive lotion, and she thinks she finally got things right by getting a rich boyfriend. But none of those things will truly help her understand what she wants in life, and so she accepts Marty’s lie.

But wait, what about Marty’s cashmere jacket? Jane and her husband Aaron talk about Olivia and Marty on the way home. Aaron says Marty’s jacket is cashmere, an expensive fabric. Could this have been a foreshadowing to Marty’s big dollar reveal? Well, Olivia likes expensive lotions (apparently that little container is $75 each), so just because the jacket was expensive doesn’t mean that Marty is rich. It just makes him exactly like Olivia, broke but living beyond his means, delusional, unable to figure things out, and maybe that’s why she was happy to accept him. He’s exactly like her, and exactly what she needs. This is not hopeful. This is tragic, but this is her reality.

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