Trying to stop buying too many books

I love books, but I think I buy too many. Right now I have 52 unread books on my bookshelf. I actually have more than that, but the ones that have been unread for a year or more, I’ve already placed in my pile of books to sell. I did this because Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up said: if you haven’t read that book in a year, you never willWhen I read that, I was shocked, but at the same time, I realized, she was right. So I cleaned out my books.

Though I am pleased with my progress, I want to hit a better target. Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project said that she aims for five unread books at a time. Five? That sounds impossible! I’m trying though. I already banned myself from entering bookstores, but sometimes I just can’t resist. Sometimes I also worry that what if I can’t find a copy of that book anymore, so I have to buy it now, now, now! Ok, this is unhealthy.

Another thing I realized is that buying too many books is a sign of intellectual insecurity. My excuse the whole time for my book buying sprees is that I love books. But even if I love books, I don’t need to have 52 possible books to read at every given time. That’s excessive. The truth is I feel smart by buying books. The truth is I’m medicating (see Humans of New York post by a guy who advises “Never medicate”). I feel bad that day, so I buy books. When things don’t go well, I buy books. It’s like an addiction, but, lucky for me, the objects that I want to buy are legal. Still, it has it downside. The unread books take too much space in my room and of course they are wrecking my finances. I have to stop. How will I stop?

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2 thoughts on “Trying to stop buying too many books

  1. I hear you! I love surrounding myself with books. And while I admitted that they were a sort of shield, I hadn’t thought of them as intellectual insecurity. That one stung, so it was needed.
    If these tips help: I could NOT get rid of most of my books, even the ones I haven’t read in a year. I packed away the books that I have read and want to keep, and left on the shelves the books that were unread. Then I went on a book-shopping ban until I finish the unread books. Haven’t gotten there yet. When I absolutely need the book fix, I go to the library. It doesn’t cost anything as long as they’re returned on time.
    Good luck!!


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