New Year’s Resolutions (2018)

  1. Return checked papers the day after. Return major papers after one weekend. Huhu kaya ba ito?
  2. Exercise more: Once a month yoga, walk every Saturday and Sunday, jump rope everyday
  3. Eat more vegan food/ cook more: Cook 3 vegan meals this year, once a month read about vegan food, go to vegan restaurant, go to vegan bazaar, etc
  4. Do more outdoorsy stuff. Do one outdoorsy thing this year like camping or climbing a mountain
  5. Don’t buy books for an entire year. Borrow from the library, borrow from people, go to book cafes, reread books I have, read unread books, or swap books. This is inspired by a year of no shopping. However, in fairness to me, I rarely buy clothes and other stuff anymore. Buying craft materials is important though because I sell crafts. So the only things I spend too much money on are: books and eating out in restaurants. I have so many unread books, and I also reread my favorite books, so I think it’s time to take a pause on the buying.

6. Spend less money on eating out. So my other biggest expense is eating out. I’ve stopped eating out by myself, so now I mainly eat out when I hang out with friends. Socializing is important, so I’ll still keep doing that, but now, I will eat before I go out. So I’ll only order an appetizer or a drink. If I’m buying a meal, I shouldn’t buy a drink. I’ll try to spend only P100 per meal.

7. Be kinder to yourself. Read more books about kindness. Make a kindness tracker, which is like a gratitude tracker, except that it’s things I did to be kind to myself, kind things people did or said, or kind statements I want to remind myself of.

8. Think of mama and take care of her. I still haven’t done my research on health cards for mama. Buy little gifts for mama throughout the year. Help with one household chore every Saturday and Sunday.

9. Volunteer to travel. Do one volunteer thing that lets me travel.

10. Check email right away. Check messenger right away. Stop procrastinating and avoiding stuff.

11. Compliment more people. Aim to compliment 10 people this year.

12. Listen more. Write about what one person said about himself/ herself. Make an art journal about the information about that person.

13. Sing everyday. Use the karaoke you bought everyday.

14. Less Facebook. Next one week Facebook detox: first week of Feb, May (one month), Aug, Nov

15. Listen to music everyday. Explore Spotify, YouTube, or listen to my favorite songs.

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